Times Microwave Systems Announces Price Increase

CDM Electronics, a premier authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, today announced that most cables, connectors, accessories and tools from Times Microwave Systems will increase in price starting on April 1, 2018. Times has allowed CDM a 60-day grace period between the announcement and implementation of new increased pricing, providing customers a final chance to purchase at the current pricing. Times Microwave Systems manufactures the high performance LMR® series of non-kinking, extremely flexible coaxial cables with low-loss performance comparable to copper cables. Times also manufactures EZ and TC series RF connectors specifically for use with the LMR series of cable to optimize performance, minimize loss and facilitate terminations. Times accessories are the perfect fit for their cable and connectors, and Times tool kits are cable-size specific for complete ease of use and maximizing productivity. The full line of Times Microwave Systems coaxial cable, RF connectors, accessories and tools are available online along with CDM’s RF Resource Guide. To learn more about Times Microwave Systems products or how to purchase now, email sales@cdmelectronics.com or call (877) 386-8200.

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