Steam and Water Jet Testing Now Available For Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

CDM Electronics has announced the availability of enhanced steam and water jet final testing for armored vehicle application wire harnesses and cable assemblies. CDM supplies a wide range of wire harnesses and engineered cable assembly solutions to the United States military, and now has the capability to perform several armored-vehicle-specific steam and water-jet tests.

The Type b, class 1, 19207-12465333 cleaning specification verifies assemblies’ compliance with the US Army Land Vehicle Maintenance Regulations’ environmental and electrical requirements and is a requisite for cleaning an array of mission-critical cable assemblies. The cable assemblies that can be tested while using this method vary, however the protocol confirms harnesses’ overall tape binding, overall shield application, and overall outer covering and verifies that the cable assemblies show no evidence of damage or deterioration.

This method of testing requires hot water, high-pressure steam (conforms to standard A-A-59133) and P- D-220 or commercial equivalent cleaning compound. The equipment being used is a modified NorthStar wet steam and pressure washer, which is now owned by CDM. As supplied, the washer has a diesel heater that will heat a water-fed coil to a continuous 180°F for the water-jet segment of testing. In order to create steam (or 212°F), hot water is redirected back into the pump to increase the temperature. During this environmental test, both steam and water are applied by jet for one minute to guarantee that the entire surface is subjected to the jet. The steam is applied from not more than one foot at a pressure of 105 +/- 5 psig, water is applied from a maximum of three feet at a pressure of 50 +/- psig. All wire harnesses are electrically tested before and after the steam/jet tests to verify the absence of performance degradation.

CDM has internal access to this testing method, optimizing delivery time as there is no need to wait to be scheduled at an external test lab. CDM ensures that all cable assemblies are visually inspected, electrically tested and meet all applicable drawing/specification requirements before shipment.