NexTek High-Current EMI/EMC/RFI Filters Now Available From CDM

CDM Electronics, a distributor of NexTek, now have available that manufacturer’s unique HPR series of high current feedthrough EMI/EMC/RFI filters.

NexTek filters protect equipment and systems from radiated and conducted emissions by filtering and redirecting harmful energy to ground. While having a 40% smaller footprint and lighter weight than competitors, NexTek filters are rated up to 400A and 1000V and provide constant filtering up to 1 GHz even as current changes.

“The American-made NexTek line is a do-it-all series of filters”, said Bill Almon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CDM, “and the selection of power handling options gives this product group added appeal to both military and commercial users.” Almon also noted that the series’ high-power ratings and simplified installation make the NexTek line an ideal drop-in replacement for Schaffner products.

Applications for the NexTek HPR series include military vehicles and equipment, telecom power systems, secure communications facilities, and broadband communications equipment. Other areas where high current EMI/EMC/RFI filtration is vital includes MRI and other medical imaging along with high frequency welding and laser equipment.