New Vertical Machining Center At CDM Electronics

CDM Electronics has announced the acquisition and startup of a Haas VF-2 Vertical Machining Center located at their 110 American Boulevard distribution and machine shop location. The VF-2 will be the workhorse of CDM’s machining capabilities, most specifically to support their inhouse overmolding program. CDM’s comprehensive overmolding capabilities include 3D software mold design, mold manufacturing, plastic injection and end-product final testing. CDM’s Turnersville, NJ program complies with the Made in USA standard. “The VF-2’s versatility and high-power spindle will provide an immediate increase in productivity” said Nick Sarin, Assistant General Manager at CDM, “and the large table size will accommodate any job requirement needed.” The automated VF-2 has 3-axis capabilities for one-pass cutting of molds in aluminum and other commonly used molding materials. The unit is also self-contained for optimized finishing productivity and enhanced environmental protection. Click here to view full press release