JCREW IED Jammer Program Specialty Cable

CDM Electronics has announced the production and final testing of a unique and complex specialty IED-jamming RF cable assembly for armored vehicle and fixed-site applications.

CDM supplies a wide range of wire harnesses and engineered cable assembly solutions to the United States military and has just completed a complex, series-design RF cable assembly to support the vital JCREW system. This unique assembly, comprised of six RF jumpers in a series, needed to be both ruggedized and as flush-fitting as feasible. To achieve these requirements CDM sealed right-angle RF connectors onto premium, military grade coaxial cable for durability and space savings. And as with every engineered cable assembly, CDM fully tested each in series cable for both performance and all applicable drawing/specification requirements before shipment (as noted on the CDM website.)

JCREW systems are software-programmable jammers that provide protection from device triggered improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Dismounted, mounted and fixed-site variants to protect warfighters on foot, vehicles and permanent structures have been developed. The system provides a protective bubble around warfighters against IEDs. JCREW-RFDM systems are also in use providing protection from unmanned airborne systems (UAS) in support of the growing counter-UAS mission.

As an authorized distributor, CDM has internal access to premium components and has the agile manufacturing capabilities to accommodate customers’ rapid updating of their requirements to defeat new threats. CDM is a valued partner to military contractors and OEMs for quality products and exceptional service.