Enhanced Salt Spray Testing Capabilities

CDM Electronics has announced availability of enhanced salt spray corrosion testing capabilities.

CDM Electronics can now provide ASTM, ISO and DIN-spec salt spray corrosion testing on connectors and engineered cable assemblies. A 10 cubic-foot Singleton SCCH Salt Fog Chamber provides controlled environmental conditions to 120°F, fog generation towers with baffling per ASTM B117 and humidity up to 100%. Chamber and control unit has calibration traceable to NIST.

Salt spray is a primary testing function for military interconnect plating (EIA/ECA-364-26, test condition B) and assemblies manufactured from those connectors. Tested samples are not mounted, but suspended in the salt spray chamber. Upon successful completion of testing, cables and connectors will show no exposure of base material due to corrosion which will adversely affect performance. Typical salt spray resistance is 100 hours.

CDM’s Quality Engineering Laboratory validates the quality and integrity of CDM’s builds, simulating various test environments specific to that cable assembly. CDM’s ISO and MIL-STD based quality testing procedures are performed using only approved devices to minimize risk to the customers’ supply chain. CDM can accommodate virtually any testing requirement, with most testing performed by our experts at CDM’s manufacturing facilities in Turnersville, NJ. CDM’s credentialed quality technicians are experienced with various IEC, JEDEC, and MIL-STD testing standards and ensure accurate and reliable test data. Click here for a complete listing of quality tests available from CDM.