CDM Now Distributes Sumitomo's Full Lines of SAE AS23053 Heat Shrink Tubing

CDM Electronics has announced the availability of extended life heat shrink tubing manufactured by Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Inc. (SEIP). The new SAE AS23053 standard requiring QPL approval replaces MIL-I-23053, MIL-DTL-23053 and SAE-AMS-DTL-23053 specifications, which establish the requirements for various types and colors of electrical insulating sleeving that will shrink to a predetermined size upon the application of heat. It notably allows manufacturers to certify their material up to 12 years. Non-MIL-SPEC products continue to have unlimited dimensional life. The full lines of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products’ SAE AS23053 extended dimensional life heat shrink tubing are now available from CDM Electronics. Targeting military and aerospace applications, SAE AS23053 heat shrink tubing promotes enhanced interconnect strain relief, sealing protection from fluid or fuel, abrasion resistance, environmental protection, and wire bundling, as well as facilitates marking. It is most commonly used on cables employed in military/tactical communications radio, weapons, power distribution and fire control applications.  Sumitomo tubing is equally suitable for insulating cables employed in commercial and private aircraft, avionic and space flight systems, railway/mass transit, telecommunications, digital/video conversion, switching cable assemblies, electronics manufacturing and repair, automotive, industrial, and medical applications. CDM’s extensive inventory of Sumitomo tubing includes SAE AS23053/5 single-wall polyolefin, SAE AS23053/4 adhesive-lined polyolefin, SAE AS23053/8, -13, -1 special purpose tubing, and SAE AS23053/18 heavy-wall polyolefin. SAE AS23053/5, -/8, -/13, -/18 products feature extended dimensional life to 12 years, whereas SAE AS23053/1, -/4 products’ dimensional life is extended to 5 years. Tubing is provided in the industry’s broadest range of formulations, lengths, diameters, and colors. “The new AS23053 standard’s expanded dimensional life further ensures the integrity of CDM customers’ supply chain,” said CDM Product Manager, Christina Harrison.  “The standard also alleviates much of the time and associated expense previously required for heat shrink tubing stock management due to the products’ short and variable shelf-lives. CDM is proud to share Sumitomo’s commitment to quality, innovation and customer service.” For more detailed information regarding Sumitomo’s extensive offering of SAE AS23053 heat shrink tubing, visit CDM Electronics, or call 856/740-1200. Samples are available upon request. Click here to view full press release