CDM Electronics Offers Titan Ground Power™ Cable Assemblies and Adapters For Military and Commercial Aircraft

CDM Electronics, a premier authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, today announced the availability of Eaton’s Titan Ground Power™ Series of cable assemblies and field-replaceable adapters for commercial and military aircraft. The parts’ advanced interconnect technologies decrease mating forces by 40% and demating by 60% to extend aircraft power receptacle life and reduce receptacle-related Aircraft On Ground (AOG) expenses and schedule delays. Featuring a broad range of 28VDC, 270VDC and 400Hzparts, assemblies are highly resistant to fluctuating and severe climatic conditions while providing aviation OEMs’ with unparalleled design flexibility. Titan Ground Power cable assemblies are available online from CDM. Titan Ground Power cable-assembly connectors and optional adapters integrate precisely positioned floating sockets that independently adjust to aircraft receptacle pins. A glass-filled-epoxy carrier is used in both plugs and sockets to accurately position socket/pin assemblies, reduce insertion forces and protect bolt holes to ensure bolts can be removed after being run over by airport tugs and terminal support vehicles. Adapters are field replaceable in minutes and cost less than 50% of a ground-power cable refurbishment. They maintain the same low mating and separation force characteristics as the molded cable-assembly connectors. Assemblies may me used with or without adapters. Eaton’s standard and custom Titan Ground Power Series of cable assemblies consists of jumpers, single-point refueling cables and extension cables. Cables are provided standard in lengths ranging from 20 to 100 feet, with a choice of round, rectangular or trapezoidal connectors. Configurations include banded, six-around-one and neoprene jacketed. Assemblies are also offered with a six-tine socket design, which contributes to consistent insertion forces and outperforms industry standards for electrical performance. Cable assemblies are rated for full-load operation from -67°F to +185°F and meet AS7974 testing of 20 foot-pounds impact at -67°F. Additional specifications include a mating force of 100 lbs. max. at room temperature and 110 lbs. max. at -67°F. Separation force is 80-120 lbs. at room temperature. To learn more about Eaton’s Titan Ground Power Series of cable assemblies, email CDM at, or call (877) 386-8200.

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