CDM Electronics now offers Environmentally Sealed, Circular Plastic Connectors

CDM Electronics, Inc., a premier provider of value-added cable assemblies and specialized distributor of commercial and military (MIL-SPEC) interconnect products, is the availability of WPI Viking’s VikCon® environmentally sealed, circular plastic connectors. Specifically designed to carry power and control signals in harsh environments, these dust, corrosion and chemical resistant devices are sealed and submersible to the requirements of IP68. The all-plastic parts uniquely afford an economical alternative to metal shell environmental connectors without compromising the durability and integrity of the connection. Both the connectors, and CDM’s cable assemblies employing them, are ideally suited for a broad range of medical, instrumentation, process control, industrial machinery, automotive, marine and other applications where resistance to high temperatures and outside contaminants are critical requirements. Featuring a shell size of 22, and insert arrangement of 22-7, the Mil-Spec style devices accept wire sizes ranging from 22-26 AWG. They additionally boast dual O-ring sealing to ensure water-tightness, and offer a 60-degree turn coupling ring-locking mechanism to promote superior strength and life. Connectors are auto clavable, and operate in temperatures ranging from –40 degrees C to +125 degrees C. A positive keying, and scoop-proof design further enhance their durability. The lightweight parts have one-piece plastic housings with integral nonmetal electrical contact retainers, and provide a tactile feedback to indicate that they are mated properly. Connectors are available with varied threaded attachment backshell configurations comprising collet, clamp, tie wrap, and potted for the highest level of sealing protection. Receptacle types offered include in-line, square flange and bulkhead mount. Constructed of high temperature injection molded plastic (polysulfone/polycarbonate) with good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures, devices have very stable dielectric and insulating properties. They also feature screw-machined brass (gold-plated nickel) pin contacts and BeCu socket contacts with CRES hood to ensure signal integrity. Parts may be ordered with black or gray bodies.

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