CDM Electronics Now A Distributorship For Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC Connectors by Winchester

CDM Electronics, an authorized distributor of Winchester Interconnect™ products, now distributes the Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC Connector line of interconnects.

Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC, a Winchester Interconnect™ company, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of micro and nano format D-subminiature connectors for military, public safety and commercial communications applications. CDM provides the full range of micro-D connectors available in standard and low profile, nano-D connectors and standard, micro and nano format circular connectors. All varieties are also available pre-wired.

“The addition of Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC’s unique lines will round-out CDM’s industry-leading tactical communications and commercial product mix”, said CDM’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bill Almon, “with their nano-sized interconnects a welcomed new offering for our customers.”

Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC products are built to mil-spec standards, including MIL-DTL-83513 for micro-D connectors and MIL-DTL- 32139 for nano-D connectors. Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC’s extensive range includes drop-in replacements for TE, Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Harwin and Molex amongst others. With the inclusion of the Winchester Interconnect Micro LLC Connectors line, CDM will have over 7,500 different D-subminiature interconnects available to support virtually every military, aero and commercial application.