CDM Electronics Named Authorized Stocking Distributor for Cadillac Brand 27-Point Jumper Assemblies and Accessories

Announced today by CDM Electronics, a premier authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, is the availability of Clements National Company’s Cadillac® brand of 27-point jumper assemblies, receptacles and accessories for freight and rail passenger trainline communication and control. The parts inventoried include the CRA Series receptacles with male contacts, the CPA Series jumper assemblies with female contacts, as well as replacement cover kits, socket and pin contact kits. Engineered for hostile and rugged environments, the 30 amp, 600 V series are offered in an array of configurations for trainline car control/communication (COMM) and multiple unit (MU) locomotive control. Cadillac jumper assemblies,receptacles, replacement parts and accessories may be ordered online from CDM Electronics. The jumper assemblies’ connectors feature self-aligning silver plated copper socket contacts support low mating forces, prevent excessive voltage drop,and promote long contact life. Moreover, their standard 27-point design is interchangeable and intermateable with all major brands, and compatible with General Motors Electro-Motive Division (GM-EMD) and Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD). Parts are qualified for use on all Amtrak equipment and compliant to AAR S-512 and APTA RP-E-019-99 specifications. The series’ receptacle pin contacts notably feature a multi-contact band making them field-serviceable without removal or disassembly. The heavy-duty jumper assemblies and receptacles meet or exceed the mission-critical requirements of railway power and communication signal transmission. Car control/communication trainlines are employed throughout the entire length of the car to transmit the electrical signals that operate door controls and indicators, public address systems, and brake applied/released indications. Multiple unit locomotive control trainlines carry traction and dynamic brake commands and indications between equipment, typically: locomotive to coupled locomotive, cab car to locomotive, and locomotive to a power car positioned at the opposite end of the train. The Cadillac cable assemblies are environmentally protected by individual contact sealing boots as well as an outer “O” ring. A locking tab holds receptacles’ cover open to facilitate easier plug connection and removal, whereas a locking cover is optionally available. Covers are offered in a variety of colors. The 30amp, 600 V trainlines feature an operating temperature range of -40° F to 140° F (-40°C to 60° C), a dielectric strength of 1000 V RMS, and 54 +/-10 lbs contact mating. Connector body material is aluminum alloy. CDM Electronics inventories all standard jumper cable lengths and accommodates custom lengths and configurations. To learn more about Clements National Company’s Cadillac® brand 27-point jumper assemblies, receptacles, replacement parts and accessories, email, visit, or call (877) 386-8200. CDM Electronics stocks the most popular Cadillac brand of 27-point trainline part numbers for immediate delivery.

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