CDM Electronics Introduces New High Voltage Testing Capabilities

CDM Electronics has announced a new high voltage testing capability at their Turnersville, NJ Quality Engineering Lab.

CDM has acquired and deployed a Phenix Model 4100-10 DC hipot dielectric analyzer that has a test range of up to 110kVDC, 20mA and 120V. This equipment is specifically designed for analysis of high voltage RF cables and assemblies.

“The addition of the Phenix Model 4100-10 complements the depth of CDM’s already extensive testing capabilities”, said Nicolette Sarin, General Manager at CDM. “Onsite high voltage testing will provide an important option to CDM’s customers who require this specialized protocol.”

The permanent testing station consists of a grounded enclosure and external meter. The enclosed testing area is accessible only by authorized, highly trained technicians observing a specific lockout/tagout procedure. Precise current is generated by a filtered doubler circuit purpose built by Phenix for the exacting demands of high voltage testing, with output continuously adjustable over the entire range.

CDM’s Quality Engineering Lab validates the quality and integrity of CDM’s builds, simulating various test environments specific to that end product. CDM provides electrical, environmental and mechanical testing to support virtually every military, industrial and commercial application.