CDM Electronic's Cable Assemblies for Medical Applications feature Color Coded Connectors

CDM Electronics Inc., a premier provider of value-added cable assemblies, and specialized distributor of commercial and military (MIL-SPEC) interconnect products, announced the availability of custom medical cable assemblies featuring color-coded WPI®/Viking Thorkom circular connectors. Designed to withstand autoclaving and irradiated sterilization essential for medical instruments and test tubes, CDM’s 100% electrical tested medical cable assemblies are manufactured to meet all stringent industry and governmental regulatory requirements. The medical cable interconnects are specifically fabricated to maintain their reliability and flexibility while withstanding the everyday wear and tear of the healthcare environment. These high-quality assemblies may be confidently specified by medical instrument designers for use in such critical applications as electronic catheters, patient monitoring systems, ultrasound equipment, wearable therapeutic devices, and laboratory analysis equipment The low unit cost Thorkom connectors employed in CDM’s assemblies boast a UL 94V-0-approved high temperature thermoplastic housing, and are CSA certified. Featuring a high-precision screw machine contact design in addition to a one-piece housing, the devices facilitate ease of assembly, long life, and maintenance-free operation. Assemblies may be ordered with connectors in 7-, 12-, and 24-position plugs and receptacles, and with precision MIL-SPEC type gold-plated, screw-machine (crimp, or PC-mount) contacts. Bulkhead and square-flange mounting styles are offered, as well as a full complement of backshell and strain relief options. As medical connectors must often function intuitively and quickly, connectors are provided with either Posi-Lok or V-Lok coupling for quick connect or disconnect. They additionally feature a current rating on contacts of 5 Amps, and dielectric withstanding voltage of 1500 VRMS Max. at sea level. Their ambient operating temperature range is -55°to +125°C (-67°to +257°F), and insulation resistance is 5,000 Megohms Min. Contact retention is 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) axially after one cycle. Connectors are environmentally sealed with an elastomeric ring seal to further ensure their durability and reliability.

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