CDM Electronics Announces Sponsorship of “Learn To Play” Ice Hockey Program

CDM Electronics has announced an agreement with Hollydell Ice Arena in Sewell, NJ, to partner in sponsoring their Learn To Play program, making it no-charge to participants. 

CDM Electronics’ and Hollydell Ice Arena’s sponsorship of Learn To Play is a direct result of their ongoing community outreach to open up the sport to as many new players as possible. The Learn To Play sponsorship, which includes a $200 equipment voucher for each participant, assures that financial constraints are not preventing young people in Southern New Jersey from getting started in the sport. 

CDM Electronics is a long-time advocate for access to ice hockey as part of its social commitment to the region. CDM had previously partnered with Hollydell Ice Arena on programs that focus on a community-based approach to building participation in youth ice hockey.