CDM Electronics Announces Availability of Full Line of Eaton Hotshoe Interconnects

CDM Electronics has announced the availability of Eaton’s full line of multifunctional C4ISR/tactical communications rectangular Hotshoe signal interconnects. Eaton’s hotshoe interconnects are available in 22-pin and 32-pin configurations that include both panel and cable mounted connectors with grounded and non-grounded versions. Options include unique self-cleaning accordion-style contacts or standard spring-mounted contacts. Eaton’s unique contact design provides for maximum performance in all conditions. “The scrubbing action of the accordion-style contacts provides exceptional connectivity even after being exposed to moisture” said Dominic Veteri, Product Manager at CDM Electronics, “along with the space-saving flat-profile design of the pin contacts themselves.” All versions feature internal moisture sealing environmental protection and are 360º EMI/RFI shielded. Hotshoe products have single or redundant contact patterns with pointed, cupped, or radiused-tip geometries for optimum contact during mating. Tail configurations include through hole, SMT, vertical mating, and right-angle mating orientations for optimum mounting application flexibility. Ruggedized construction features nickel-plated aluminum shell and Ultem 100 pin block. Click here to view full press release