Amphenol NEXUS Push-Button Switches Now Available From CDM

CDM Electronics, a full-line authorized distributor of Amphenol NEXUS Technologies, now have available that manufacturer’s military-spec and commercial push-button switches.

Push-Button Switches from Amphenol NEXUS Technologies include momentary (PTT) and push-pull actuation formats in multiple materials, colors and current ratings to meet any requirement. Military types MS25089 and MIL-S-8805/3 are available in various mounting styles. 

“Push-button switches are a new product offering from CDM”, said Madeline Gaudreau, Product Manager at CDM Electronics, “and the selection of action formats and power ratings will make this product appeal to both military and commercial users.” Gaudreau also noted that the series’ reputation for longevity and simplified installation make the Amphenol NEXUS Technologies line an ideal designed-in component or drop-in replacement for Otto and TE products.

Applications for Amphenol NEXUS Technologies Push-Button Switches are military and commercial aircraft, avionics, ground vehicles, naval systems, ruggedized communications systems, command systems, soldier systems, and industrial usage.