New and Improved Website Launched For CDM Electronics

CDM Electronics has announced the launch of their new and improved website, which allows for easier navigation for its new and current online customers. The new website was officially launched on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021, and is a significant improvement from both an appearance and technological standpoint. Starting with the homepage, visitors will instantly notice that the format is much more user friendly, as the need for scrolling has been reduced. CDM has also adjusted its drop-down menus, adding a “Shop Products” feature which allows the user to search for its 140,000+ products by category. Below the header slider, there are now three blocks that will assist all users with browsing CDM’s website for its products and capabilities. These include: “Connectors”, “Cable And Assemblies” and “Application Innovations”. Below the three blocks, CDM has also launched a new “Featured Products” section on the homepage, which displays a handful of recommended products that the company has to offer. The footer features a “Customer Service” center, as well as CDM’s contact information (for the NJ and TX locations), a latest news section and a subscribe feature for CDM’s newsletter. Most importantly, CDM has just released an enhanced search functionality platform in the header of the website, which will populate with search terms as the user begins typing in the search bar. The header also features CDM’s official logo, primary sales phone number, login portal, shopping cart and a product list that will allow the user to build an RFQ directly from the website.

Alongside the new “Shop Products” drop-down menu, CDM has reformatted the “About” section, with a new “Team” page as well as an improved “News” section. In addition, all of CDM’s manufacturer pages have been adjusted for better visibility. These manufacturers include Amphenol PCD, Binder USA, CDM Exclusives (CDM Microphone Connectors, CDM SAFER Cables™, CDM Signal Storm® Cables and CDM Super Duty Class L Assemblies™), Conec, Corsair Electrical Connectors, Delta Electronics, Eaton, EZ Form Cable, Power Connector, Inc., Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Times Microwave Systems and Winchester Interconnect (Kings and Win™). The customer can now also purchase products per manufacturer directly from each manufacturer page. The “Value-Added Services” drop-down contains similar landing pages to what was shown on the previous website, however, users can now request a quote directly from these landing pages. Furthermore, CDM has launched a new “Quality” drop-down menu, which is dedicated to displaying information regarding the company’s “Quality Engineering Laboratory”, certifications and its ECIA authorization. Lastly, the website’s “Contact Us” section has been significantly improved, providing an easier experience to submit quotes or any questions visitors may have for CDM’s customer service representatives.

CDM’s Ecommerce functionality has been heavily enhanced, as users can now create their own account and have access to each of their previous or pending purchases. Users can now also sort through products by popularity, most recently added, and price (low to high or high to low) making it easier to track down the products that they have been looking for. As mentioned earlier, CDM’s search functionality was the most important upgrade to this new website. Fortunately, the user no longer needs to search exact phrases or part numbers in the search box as this was required in the past. With that being said, users can now type in broader search terms, item descriptions or even categories into the search bar in order to bring up their desired search results. If an item is unavailable, the user can now simply request a quote or contact CDM’s sales department by calling the number in the header of the website. The “Shop Products” tab is another huge addition to the new website. The user can now search for specific categories, such as “Cable/Wire & Assemblies”, “Connectors”, “Lightning Protection”, “Tools And Supplies”, “Tubing & Harnessing Products” and “Miscellaneous” items by simply dragging their cursor over each drop-down tab.

Overall, new and existing customers will find their shopping experiences with CDM much more simplistic. “Launching a brand new website has been a long time coming, not only for our staff but for our customers as well”, said CDM’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bill Almon. “CDM’s new website contains all of the essential features for the modern day online shopper, and our goal is to make their experience with us as satisfying as possible.” CDM’s new website was developed by KickCharge Creative, who are headquartered in Washington, NJ. Check out www.cdmelectronics.com for all of your interconnect products and engineered cable assembly solutions needs.