Wire Splices

Wire splices allow for the reliable solder termination of a wide variety of cables and wires as well as pin-to-pin and wire-to-pin connection applications. Sumitomo STS Solder Termination Sleeves solder, seal, insulate, and strain relieve critical connections quickly and repeatable in one simple step. The outer heat-shrinkable jacket is a precision engineered high performance fluoroplastic sleeve containing an exactly measured amount of prefluxed solder that assures a perfect connection every time. Wire splices are manufactured to SAE-AS83519 which ensures connections are completely insulated, encapsulated and strain relieved every single time. Operators do not need any specialized tools or require extensive training.If a ground lead is required, STS series wire splices with pre-installed leads greatly simplify installation. Parts with pre-installed ground leads improve ease of handling by eliminating incorrect lead positioning, thereby further assuring a reliable, inspectable connection.