Tools and Supplies

Tools and supplies for cable and connector prep and termination applications. Prep tools, crimp tools and accessories are brand-specific for optimum performance. Genuine Sumitube QPL’d heat shrink tubing insulation products are available in single and dual-wall varieties in all standard colors. Sumitube meets key major commercial and military specifications including AMS-DTL-23053, UL and CSA. STS Solder Termination Sleeves allow for easy, reliable termination of a wide variety of cable, pin-to-pin and wire-to-pin connection applications. STS devices solder, seal, insulate, and strain relieve critical connections in one quick step. The SumiMark IV PLUS is the latest high performance 300dpi thermal transfer marking system producing crisp, high quality text, barcodes and graphic images for any sleeve marking requirement. Tools and supplies for cable and connector prep also includes specialty coaxial products for one-step stripping.