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A note to our valued customers:

CDM Electronics is a long standing member of NEDA, the non-profit trade association for the electronics distribution industry. One of NEDA's missions is to raise awareness throughout the electronics community regarding counterfeit materials. We strive to ensure that the quality products you expect from CDM Electronics and its principals are delivered on time and exceed your high expectations. Despite our best efforts, there are several unscrupulous individuals and companies manufacturing counterfeit parts. These parts are often manufactured with lesser quality materials, and without the strict adherence to ISO and other quality procedures implemented by authorized sources such as CDM Electronics, Inc.

Another less heinous, yet still alarming, practice is the misrepresentation of surplus material as factory new. In these instances, certain individuals and companies improperly claim materials they are providing are factory new, when in fact they are new surplus, a subtle but sometimes important distinction for critical applications.

Since these counterfeit and surplus products are purchased from unauthorized suppliers, we encourage our customers to purchase product only from authorized sources, such as CDM Electronics.

We are proud of the strong relationship we have built with our manufacturers. Our manufacturers have selected us for our ability to provide excellent business and technical support for its products. We pride ourselves in easing the burden for our buyers and engineers by eliminating the guesswork. Purchasing products from CDM's authorized lines ensures you're getting factory certified materials.

Buying from an authorized distributor such as CDM Electronics assures that:

  • The products (connectors, cables, switches, etc…) have been handled and stored in accordance with the manufacturer's quality standards.
  • CDM and its principals, the connector manufacturers, will jointly stand behind and address any warranty issues-including important traceability capabilities.
  • CDM has access to the full range of up-to-date technical and product information
  • Our manufacturers make no warranties, express or implied, on any counterfeit 
products, including the right to a refund of the purchase price. We realize that many customers who buy counterfeit products are unaware they are doing so. You can only be confident of receiving legitimate products by purchasing from an authorized
  • CDM is a NEDA authorized distribution source for a vast majority of the products we distribute.  However, even if we are not specifically authorized for a certain part number then we procure products from other NEDA authorized sources or partners whenever possible.

If you suspect that you have counterfeit parts, we suggest that you:

  • Quarantine the products to avoid re-entry into the supply chain
  • Notify CDM and/or the manufacturer, there are generally proprietary methods of identifying legitimate product
  • Let us know the source of the product

We support NEDA in their quest to track down and prosecute those who manufacture and distribute counterfeit products.

If you suspect that you have surplus connectors, contact us for further instruction.
This is particularly important for government QPL programs where MIL Spec qualifications are mandatory.

For more information, please visit the NEDA Website.

We appreciate your support of our efforts and thank you for your business.

The Components Council of ECIA released a Statement on the Reliability Impact of Procuring Devices through Non-Authorized Sources.

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