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Cooper Interconnect, Formerly Viking Connector, MIL-DTL-2292, MIL-DTL-55116 Connectors

Formerly WPI Viking Connector and WPI General Connector

Cooper Interconnects WPI General Connector line includes Military Audio, Filtered Audio and Connectors for harsh environmental use.  Featured products include the QPL Approved high power class L Mil-DTL-22992 connectors, combination Power and Signal connectors, and MIL-DTL-55116 Audio and Filtered Audio Connectors.




Cooper Interconnect, Viking Connector, MIL-DTL 22992 and MIL-DTL-55116

 Cooper Interconnects WPI Viking Connector Line 

These circular connectors and color circular connectors come in a variety of contact configurations, shell styles, latching mechanisms and materials and are now a part of Cooper Interconnects line of Viking Connectors.  CDM Electronics regularly stocks several of the most popular Viking Connector products.

 Types of circular connectors and color circular connectors include:

(High-temperature thermoplastic suitable for sterilization)

Snaplock Metal Circular

(Aluminum alloy, stainless steel cable to cable)

Circular Plastic

(High Temperature, Water resistant, Color coded)

Miniature High Temperature "R" Connectors

(Silicone rubber dielectric, rhodium-plated contacts  anodized aluminum shells)



 Class L MIL-C-22992 (now MIL-DTL-22992), Harsh environments, Amphenol Connectors, Heavy Duty Cylindrical Connectors,communication satellites and commercial aircraft

 Class L MIL-DTL-22992

Cooper's QPL approved Class L MIL-DTL-22992 Cable Mount Connectors are suited for the most harsh environments and offer a competitive version to Amphenol MIL-DTL-22992 Connectors. CDM also stocks Amphenol Power Connectors to ensure most shell sizes and configurations are readily available.



 Cooper Interconnect, Viking Connector, MIL-DTL 22992 and MIL-DTL-55116

 Military Audio Connectors

Featuring 5, 6, and 10 contacts in standard and lightweight versions. Cooper Interconnect manufactures several varieties of military audio connectors, including the MIL-DTL-55116.   


Cooper Interconnect, Viking Connector, M55181

Military Power Connectors  MIL-DTL-55181

For harsh environments, the MIL-DTL-55181 military power connectors are an ideal solution for your communication applications.



 Filtered Connectors, Radio Frequency



Filtered Connectors

Cooper Interconnect manufactures the highest quality filtered connectors to meet the demand for reducing electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference.


COTS 55181 Connectors, Cooper Interconnect


COTS 55181 Connectors

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf(COTS) 55181 mid-range power connectors offer exceptional durability and versatile configurations for virtualy any military or industrial need.  The value-engineered COTS family offers the same outstanding performance as the QPL military connectors, but at a more economical price.


CDM Catalog Cooper Interconnect 5015 Series Connectors

Industrial 5015 Series Connectors

Field attachable 5015 connectors are widely used due to their competitive price and strong performance.  The 5015 series is ideal for use in products that require high levels of reliability such as medical equipment, electric cars, industrial building machinery, motors, sensors, robotics, heavy equipment, solar voltaics, etc.


Featured WPI Viking Products:

Cooper Interconnect Snap-Lock Products

Snap-lock Metal Circular Connectors

Snap-Lock metal connectors are standard metal circular connectors providing a cost effective and high quality interconnect solution.  Custom snap-lock connectors are also available for special applications requiring a rugged, high density connecting device.


Featured WPI Viking Products:

Cooper Interconnect Thorkom Connectors

Thorkom Connectors

Thorkom color connectors are color coded plastic circular connectors used for medical and other industrial applications.  Color coded connectors ensure the proper connections are made among a maze of choices.